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Our day begins with a cup of tea at 08.00 brought to you in bed by our friendly crew. While you are waking up slowly the crew will be starting breakfast ready for you at 08.30.

While you are laying in bed you may be able to hear a gentle knocking on the side of the boat, which is the ducks helping themselves to their morning breakfast courtesy of the local pond life collected on our boat!

Breakfast is a leisurely affair where you can eat as little or as much as you require from the 4 course menu. It is here that we can discuss with you the days cruising, the sights to see, the countryside we will be passing through and any stops we will be making for you to visit local attractions.

We will aim to set off at 09.30 each morning but this is as flexible as our guests require. It is now that you can choose how you would like to spend your morning. You may want to sit in the observation areas at the front of the boat and just watch the countryside drift lazily past (we only travel at 3mph), you may wish to take advantage of our extensive library and catch up on all the reading you never have time to do at home. Some of you will want to walk along the towpath, a good way to walk off that breakfast, keep fit, and you will be amazed at the variety of people you meet along the way.

The most fascinating aspect of this life is that you travel together as a group, each member enjoying themselves in their own way.

A range of beverages from freshly ground coffee, fruit teas, de-caff tea and coffee, and speciality teas are all available for both mid morning coffee and afternoon tea. Biscuits with our morning coffee keeps us all going until lunchtime.

If there are locks you can help work them if you wish, or you can supervise from the boat, we all know its much easier to work them when you are a gongoozler!!

A light lunch will be served at approx. 13.00 (all times are approx. as we tend to take the day as it comes, dependent on what our guests would like to do). Here we can discuss our morning and decide what’s to be done in the afternoon. We move off shortly toward our final mooring point of the day.

Afternoon tea, of freshly baked cakes and tea is served at 16.00, giving plenty of time for everyone to refresh themselves ready for dinner at 19.00.

We will try to moor up for the evening between 16.30 and 17.00, quite early so that we achieve the pick of the moorings, but also, so that our guests have time to explore the surroundings. We may be near a sleepy village with historical church, or interesting little shops, we may be near a small town for those missing out on serious retail therapy. We may be at a historical building that needs a whole afternoon visit, wherever we are there will be something for those who want to, and for those who still wish to chill out, they can do that too.

‘Drinks before dinner!’ is very sociable with drinks available from our on board fully licensed bar at very reasonable prices.

Dinner is a long, slow, sociable affair where we all sit down together to chat about our days adventures through a full 4 courses of splendid food all cooked from fresh local ingredients by Linda, together with carefully selected wines provided free with your meal. Dinner can take as long as we all are happy sitting and chatting. Your evening is then your own. Our bar remains open until we are all ready to go to bed, or you could have a game of scrabble or cards, (we have plenty of games and puzzles on board), and some of the more artistic amongst you may wish to take photographs (there are some spectacular sunsets), sketch, or paint. You can do whatever takes your fancy.

What better way to drift off to sleep than by laying in a comfortable bed listening to the gentle lapping of the water against the side of the boat, or the occasional call of an owl in a nearby wood, or just the complete silence of a summer evening deep in the English Countryside.


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